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Addiction: Kripa Foundation, India

This year I spent time working with a UK Charity Changing Ideas who connect photographers and NGO's in India together to promote both the NGO and develop the next line of Photojournalist's engaged in Charity work. Through Changing Ideas I worked with two addiction centres in Kolkata, the first was Kripa Foundation. Kripa's rehabilitation work and its position is Kolkata's most respected drug rehabilitation organisation.

The Kripa Centre I visited was about 1 hours drive south of Kolkata in Gangarampur. The aim of the project was to work with Kripa to put together a body of work they could use in communications including some case studies. The challenge was to protect the identity of the patients, especially in mind of the stigma of drug addiction in India. What is on exhibition is a photographic essay of my time with the centre and the people in rehab.

About Kripa Foundation

Kripa Foundation has the privilege of being the largest Non–Governmental Organization in India, affiliated with the Union Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, working among people afflicted with chemical dependency & HIV Infection.  Over a quarter century of service, Kripa Foundation has evolved a module of non-discriminating, supportive community living, empowering people to introspect and bring about a change in lifestyle.

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